Turtle Soup Company
The local wave tribe shop for your grommet.

About Us

Welcome to Turtle Soup Company! 

We are your premier clothing source and best known for our designer swimwear for children of all ages. From infants, toddlers, girls and boys, to special needs, we have the right style at the right price. At Turtle Soup Company, you will find we house creative designers who not only hold the pencil, but also have a hand in the construction of everything we make for patrons around the globe. Whether you are looking for clothes for playtime or one of our many options in our very own brand of 5 star rated swimwear, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for at Turtle Soup. Our unique inventory and low overhead allow us to offer a one of a kind shopping experience. We offer a personal interaction with our customers in everything we sell. If you are not completely, satisfied, we are always ready to work with you. It's no wonder so many satisfied shoppers count on Turtle Soup Company for all of their fashion needs.